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Barion Smart Gateway integraton for mobile applications

Barion App2App Payment makes it possible to easily pay with Barion balance or credit card through Barion Smart Gateway and purchase any goods/services in the integration applications. .

Payment is initiated by an application. There are two ways to pay:

  • If the Barion mobile application is available on the mobile device (iOS, Android) the customer will pay in the Barion mobile app. In order to use the Barion mobile app, the customer must have an activated Barion wallet.
  • If the Barion mobile application isn't available on the mobile device the payment is made on Barion's responsive website, just like for web payment. The website is accessible on every platform and customers don't have to have Barion wallet.

The documentation below shows the integration processes.

Before you start to integrate we recommend reading this description.

Integration possibilities

You can integrate Barion Smart Gateway into mobile apps in three ways:

  1. With your own server-side
    • In this case, the mobile application doesn't communicate directly with the Barion system.
    • On your server-side you can use for example our PHP Library, you can find it on Barion's Github page
  2. With Barion Mobile Library
    • In this case, your mobile application will communicate with the Barion System through our Barion Mobile Library.
    • You can find Android and iOS libraries on Barion's GitHub page

In all cases, it is highly recommended to obfuscate client applications! We recommend using ProGuard or DexGuard.

You can see the integration possibilities pros and cons in this table:

Using server-side
Pros Cons
  • The client application won't contain sensitive information.
  • Because the client application will communicate at first with your own server-side you can log the network communication and also you can add extra information to it.
  • Includes additional server side enhancements.
  • you need to handle the availability of the Barion application on the users device.
Barion app2app flow updated 2.png
With Barion Mobile Library
Pros Cons
  • The library will handle the whole communication with the Barion System
  • You don't need to handle when Barion application is available on the user's device or not.
  • The integrator application will contain the POSKey.
  • In order for the integrator's server-side to be notified about the payments, the client should send it.

Integration descriptions

Android logo.png
Integrate on Android
Ios logo.png
Integrate on iOS