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Creating a shop in Barion

This article is incomplete. It may change significantly without any notice, so don't rely on any content you find here yet. Please check back later.

Creating a shop is mandatory for managing payments via the Barion API. This article guides you through the creation of a shop in the Barion system.


  1. Log in to your Barion wallet on the website. Barion also offers a Sandbox environment for testing purposes - learn more about the Sandbox here.
  2. Click the "Manage my shops" menu, then click the "Create new shop" button above the grid.
  3. Enter the necessary data on the appearing form, then submit it.
  4. You receive a confirmation email about your newly opened shop, which contains you POSKey. This is the authentication key you will need to send a request to the Barion API.
  5. Your shop will be approved by the Barion staff in a short time. In the Sandbox environment, shops are approved instantly.
  6. After your shop is approved, you can send requests to the API.

Shop properties

Property Description
Shop name The name of the shop. Must be unique in the Barion system, and must be compliant with your organization or business. General names like "my test shop", "online jewellery store" or "postal service" will not be approved!
Shop description A short description about the shop. This is to help the Barion staff identify the shop as a valid business.
Shop URL The URL to the owner's website, or the webshop itself, if applicable.
Callback URL The URL the Barion system should use during the callback mechanism. Learn more about this here.
Redirect URL The URL the payer gets redirected if they complete or cancel the payment on the Barion Smart Gateway. This is mandatory for webshops.
Avatar An image representing the organization or business. This should be your company logo. Avoid stock photos and such - if the image is misleading or irrelevant to your business, your shop will not be approved!
Category Set appropriate categories that apply to your business. If your business does not fall into the selected categories, your shop will not be approved!