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When do I have to send an event?
Every event description contains the trigger that may be a page load or a button click (Firing event at the event description).

What should I do if an event is undefinable in my web shop?
If event is not applicable to any user intent either explicitly or implicitly then you do not need to implement it.

Should visitors to a product page who are coming from external ads be tracked with a clickPromo event? (for example those that are provided by third party services such as Google Ads)
No, as the click event didn’t happen on your page, this event should not be tracked on your page.

When do I have to send the setUserProperties event?
Only when users first provide personal data about themselves or they modify them, you do not need to send this event at every sign in.

What event should be sent when my user registers and signs up for a newsletter during the registration process and is afterwards automatically logged in when the registration process is completed?
In that case, you should send a setUserProperties with the personal data, one signUp event for the registration, and another signUp event for the newsletter, and finally a third signUp event for the login.

What should I send in the variant property?
Before adding it to cart, you may specify the exact type of your product, such as size or color on the product page. You have to send the value that describes the variant, not the altered quality of the item. E.g. If you specify the size and color for a T-shirt, send ’Red|XXL’ instead of ’Size|Color’

Most events have the list and contentType property, what are they?
Both of them predefined values. contentType: Page/ Product/ Article/ Promotion/ Banner/ Misc, list: HomePage/ SearchPage/ ProductPage/ Recommendation/ ComparisonPage/ BasketPage/ Checkout/ Misc. ContentType describes the type of the visited page’s content. It is ‘product’ on product page/category selection pages. If it is an article then ‘Article’ or e.g. Black Friday promotion then ‘promotion’, general pages are ‘Page’ e.g. contact or about us pages. The list describes the functionality of the page, product page (ProductPage), basket page (BasketPage) or a page in the checkout process (Checkout) etc.

What is the step property?
First of all, consider the start point of the checkout process in your case. Usually, personal data and a delivery address are given after this point but before the actual purchase. This start point will be your initiateCheckout event where the value of step is 1. And then, split your checkout process up to the purchase into different steps, and fill this property with the position of the page in the checkout sequence.

What should I do if click on basket icon does not add item into basket in all case?
In that case, you have to manage different cases in different ways. The addToCart event should only be sent in the case when an item is actually added to the cart, otherwise you should not send this event.

I have empty cart button, how do I manage click on it by removeFromCart?
Send a removeFromCart event about each item that is in the cart.

What are name and ID properties in the signUp event?
These properties do not describe the user, the name identifies user intent, e.g. ’registration’, ’login’, ’newsletter’. The ID identifies the form or the checkbox. If there is no ID, then the same value can be entered as ID as the name.

Where can I find the Barion Pixel ID?
In your Barion wallet in the shop details menu.

If no results are returned to a search initiated by a customer, should a search event be sent?
Yes, in the same way as if the search results were not empty.

If quantity added to cart by the customer exceeds the acceptable quantity of items added to cart, which one should be sent in quantity property in addToCart event?
The quantity that was finally added to the cart. If no items are added to cart then you do not need to send an addToCart event.

When do I send a purchase event?
When a purchase is completed and finished by successful payment. If the user chooses cash as the payment method, then the purchase event should be sent when the user hits the ’Thank you’ page. If the user chooses online payment, then the purchase event should be sent when the user hits a ’Successful payment’ page.

What should I do if payment is unsuccessful?
In that case you must send a purchase event when the user hits an ’Unsuccessful payment’ page, however set the step property to -1. This special step value indicates that the payment has failed.

The item name on the product page is different from the same item in checkout process, what do I do?
The only thing that’s important is that all items should be named consistently in all events, meaning that the same item should have the same name in all cases.