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Funding information structure

This structure represents the details about a funding source that was used when completing a payment. At the moment this is only used when the funding source is a bank card.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Description
BankCard BankCard The bank card used to complete the payment.
AuthorizationCode string The authorization code received by the card processing system when executing the payment.
ProcessResult string The result of the card payment. Possible values:
  • Successful: the card transaction was successful
  • ProblemWithCard: the card transaction was unsuccessful, there may be a problem with the card
  • LowFunds: the card transaction was unsuccessful due to insufficient funds
  • LostOrStolenCard: the credit card has been reported lost or stolen
  • CardNotSupported: the payment card is not supported at the time of the transaction
  • Declined: the payment card was declined by the acquirer
  • FraudulentTransaction: potentially fraudulent transaction, the monitoring system declined the transaction
  • CardSystemError: the card transaction failed due to the card system
  • SystemError: system error, in this case we try to refund the transaction amount if we have enough information to initiate it
  • SoftDeclined: the payment card did not support SCA at the time of the transaction