Getting started with the Barion Pixel

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The Barion Pixel is JavaScript code that allows us to help you to track visitor activity on your website. It works by loading a JavaScript function which you can use whenever a site visitor takes an action that you want to track (these actions are referred to as an 'event'). Implementing the Barion Pixel and sending usage data towards Barion in a way that conforms to our recommendations is fully compliant with the GDPR.

Your webshop and Barion as its payment processor has a legitimate interest in collecting data to help prevent fraudulent payments, and it is beneficial to both your websop and Barion. As such, implementing at least the Base Barion Pixel is required in order to use the Barion Smart Gateway. Barion also uses the more expansive data collected by the Full Barion Pixel for these purposes if your webshop implements it, but without user consent and an agreement between Barion and your webshop, none of the user data or Personally Identifiable Information is used for marketing purposes.

Your webshop can receive more favourable terms for the Barion Smart Gateway if a complete implementation for the Full Barion Pixel is provided alongside with user consent collected according to our Barion Pixel Consent Management Requirements. This allows us to collect and use data for marketing purposes and enables us to provide the other marketing related services of the Barion Marketing Cloud (coming soon). Receiving these benefits is contingent on an approved implementation of the Implementing the Full Barion Pixel with a compliant Barion Pixel Consent Management Requirements system.

In order to implement the Pixel, you will need:

  • full access to your website's codebase or
  • a webshop implementing the Google Tag Manager or
  • an UNAS webshop or
  • a Shoprenter webshop (Shoprenter currently only supports the Barion Pixel Base)
  • and your Barion Pixel ID that you can access from your Barion Wallet

By default, the Pixel will track pages visited, and the devices your visitors use. In addition, you can use the Pixel's JavaScript function to track other events that are associated with webshop usage and e-commerce. Without collecting the consent of the website visitor you must still use the Barion Pixel on your website for fraud management purposes. (Tracking visitor behavior for the purposes of preventing fraud is considered a legitimate interest of Barion and the merchant in contract with Barion). The implementation of the base code is considered mandatory for using the Barion Smart Gateway.