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GiftCardPurchase structure

This structure describes the gift cards purchased in a payment process.

Included in

Re-order indicator are used in the following structures:


Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
Amount decimal
  • Required
  • Must be greater than zero
  • Decimal precision depends on payment currency
The total amount of the transaction. This is the amount that is charged towards the payer when completing the payment. The final amount of the transaction. This will overwrite the original amount.

The allowed number of decimal digits depends on the currency of the payment containing this transaction:

  • CZK: two digits
  • EUR: two digits
  • HUF: zero digits
  • USD: two digits
Currency string
  • Required
  • Required length: 3 characters
  • Accepted values:
    • "CZK" (Czech crown)
    • "EUR" (Euro)
    • "HUF" (Hungarian forint)
    • "USD" (U.S. dollar)
The currency of the payment. Must be supplied in ISO 4217 format. This affects all transactions included in the payment; it is not possible to define multiple transactions in different currencies.