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This article is incomplete. It may change significantly without any notice, so don't rely on any content you find here yet. Please check back later.

Google Pay™ is a payment option for the customer. It securely stores the customer's card information and hands it over to the merchant for processing. The process ensures that the card information stays secure and encrypted, the merchant does not know the details of the card.

Payment Process



To integrate this feature you have to develop the integration yourself! You need to understand Javascript code and is is also required to modify your webshop's server code!

These are the steps that you have to complete to use Google Pay on your website:

  1. Register a wallet in Barion and create a shop
  2. Implement the Google Pay button on your webshop's client side
  3. Implement the Barion API call on your webshop's server side

Creating a shop in Barion

To be able to use Barion as a

Implement the Google Pay button

First read through the introduction in Google's documentation to see what you need to do to accept payments via Google Pay.