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Barion API: Fetch information about an organization

GET /v2/Identification/Information

The /identification/information API endpoint is used to fetch information about an organization for the remote identification process.

Prerequisites before use:

v2 This API endpoint is available in API v2 only.

partners This API endpoint is available for trusted Barion partners only.

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
PartnerKey Guid
  • Required
The secret API key of the trusted partner, generated by Barion.
Email string
  • Required
The e-mail address of an existing organization in Barion

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
CompanyRegisterInfo CompanyRegisterInfo A bundle object containing the detailed information about the organization



    "PartnerKey": "630ee026-3e19-469f-8325-afc9bd1ae6a6",
    "Email": "[email protected]"


    "CompanyRegisterInfo": {
        "RegistrationNumber": "",
        "OrganizationName": "",
        "OrganizationShortName": "",
        "HeadQuarter": null,
        "PostalAddress": null,
        "MainActivity": "Egyéb szoftverkiadás",
        "MainActivityCodde": "5829",
        "TaxNumber": "00112233",
        "Branch": "00112233",
        "Ownership": "00112233",
        "RegisteredAt": "00112233",
        "DeletedAt": null,
        "DeletionMode": null,
        "Note": null,
        "Representatives": null,
        "Members": null