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List of Barion API endpoints

On this page you can find the currently available API endpoints in the Barion system. If you are new here, first please read the Getting started page.

API base URL

Base URL for API requests in the Live (production) environment:

Base URL for API requests in the Sandbox (test) environment: (learn more about the Sandbox environment here)

Always double check that you are connecting to the proper environment to avoid unnecessary troubleshooting!

Endpoint list

Currently the following endpoints are available in the Barion API.

v2 /Payment/Start

v2 /Payment/GetPaymentState

v2 /Payment/Complete

v2 /Payment/FinishReservation

v2 /Payment/Capture

v2 /Payment/CancelAuthorization

v2 /Payment/Refund

v2 /Withdraw/BankTransfer

v3 /Withdraw/BankTransfer

v2 /Accounts/Get

v2 /Statement/Download

v2 /Transfer/Email

v1 /Transfer/Send (deprecated)

Endpoints must be prefixed with the corresponding API version.

Other interfaces

Barion callback mechanism - how to properly get notified about successful payments