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=Pages by Boci/SP=
=Pages by Boci/SP=
DELETED *[[Developer-Guide|Developer Guide]]
*[[Developer-Guide|Developer Guide]]
DELETED *[[Payment-Gateway-Integration | Payment Gateway Integration]]
*[[Payment-Gateway-Integration | Payment Gateway Integration]]
MOVED TO responsive-web-payment *[[Simple-Webshop-Integration | Simple Webshop Integration]]
*[[Simple-Webshop-Integration | Simple Webshop Integration]]
=Editing guide=
=Editing guide=

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Barion technical documentation

Welcome to the technical documentation of the Barion Smart Gateway electronic payment system. In this wiki you can find the resources needed to implement quick and reliable payment services in your web shop or mobile application.

Pages by Boci/SP

DELETED *Developer Guide DELETED * Payment Gateway Integration MOVED TO responsive-web-payment * Simple Webshop Integration

Editing guide

  • Don't use underscores in page names
  • Name pages as if titles: Going Live -> Going-Live
  • Upload images in 200DPI resolution, embed in 6-800px wide