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Example of a marketplace pamyent

This guide's purpose to show an immediate payment process including a facilitator, all along.

In this example a demo marketplace will be used as the facilitator. This facilitator will manage the payment process, but it does not take part in the process as a payee. The process starts with the shopping part. The user select products on an arbitrary site. These products belongs to manufacturers ( other "users" of the system). The demo products will be the followings ( including the manufacturers):

Marketplace products example.png

If the user is done with the shopping and all desired products in their cart, they can complete the payment using Barion. In this case user will be redirected to the following page:


At this point they can choose from paying using either with their Barion wallet or with bank card. If they choose the Barion wallet option, and log in successfully, they can finish the payment with any of their saved cards ( or add a new one), or with the funds in their wallet. In case of bank card payment, they need to fill the required card datas and their email address.

After the payment is successfully finished, they will be redirected to the following page:

File:Marketplace payment finish example.png

Since this is a marketplace scenario, the payees will be the manufacturers( Terry and Robert). They will pay a fee to the facilitator (they could pay for other third parties, however in this example no other payments will happen for simplicity) for its services. These fees are calculated by the Barion System. And