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Payee transaction structure

This structure represents payee transaction included in a payment transaction. These are e-money sub-transactions that are executed after the payment was fully completed.

Payee transactions can be used to transfer royalties, agent fees or such to a third party, or to distribute the amount paid by the payer to multiple Barion wallets.

Included in

Payee transactions are used in the following structures:

Property list

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
POSTransactionId string
  • Required
  • Maximum length: 100 characters
The unique identifier of the transaction at the shop that started the payment.
Payee string
  • Required
  • Must be an e-mail address
  • Maximum length: 256 characters
The recipient's e-mail address. The recipient does not necessarily has to be a registered Barion user, but in order to claim the money, they must register a wallet.
Total decimal
  • Required
  • Must be greater than zero
  • Maximum value: the Total amount of the PaymentTransaction containing this PayeeTransaction
The total amount of the transaction.
Comment string
  • Optional
  • Maximum length: 640 characters
Comment of the transaction. This is shown to the recipient.