Payee transactions

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Payee transactions - agents, contributors and royalties

In certain business cases, the owner of the payment may wish to re-distribute the incoming money among third parties. Consider scenarios like buying digital music, where a certain percentage of all purchases would go to the record label, the publisher or any other copyright holder. This is where the so-called payee transactions come in handy. Using these give the merchant the ability to re-distribute the incoming amount upon recepit among one or more third parties, the so-called contributors. The whole mechanism is hidden from all contributors and even the purchaser, they do not know about each other.

Setting up payee transactions

When calling the /Payment/Start endpoint, each Payment transaction can contain an array of Payee transactions. The merchant can specify a recipient and a transaction comment for each payee transaction that is sent to the contributor. This is to aid the recipient in identifying the cause of the transaction. Note: the recipient must be a valid e-mail address, but it isn't necessary to be a registered Barion user. In order to claim the money, they have to register themselves a Barion wallet though.