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This enum indicates the current status of a payment.

API usage

This enum is used by the following API endpoints:

Enum list

Enum value Byte / int value Description
Prepared 10 The payment is prepared. This means it can be completed unless the payment time window expires.
Started 20 The payment process has been started. This means the payer started the execution of the payment with a funding source.
InProgress 21 The payment process is currently in progress. This means that the communication between Barion and the bank card processing system is currently taking place. No alterations can be made to the payment in this status.
Waiting 22 The payment was paid with bank transfer and the result of the bank transfer is not known yet. Used in Payment_Buttons scenarios.
Reserved 25 The payment was completed by the payer, but the amount is still reserved. This means that the payment should be finished (finalized) unless the reservation period expires.
Canceled 30 The payment has been explicitly cancelled (rejected) by the payer. This is a final status, the payment can no longer be completed.
Succeeded 40 The payment has been fully completed. This is a final status, the payment can no longer be altered.
Failed 50 The payment has failed because of unknown reasons. Used in payment scenarios that were paid with bank transfer.
PartiallySucceeded 60 This can occur if a complex reservation payment contains multiple transactions, and only some of them are finished. If all transactions are finished, the payment status will change to Succeeded.
Expired 70 The payment was expired. This can occur due to numerous reasons:
  • The payment time window has passed and the payer did not complete the payment.
  • A reserved payment was not finished during the reservation period. In this case, the money is refunded to the payer.

This is a final status, the payment can no longer be completed.

Status changes for immediate payments

Payment states immediate.png

Status changes for reservation payments

Payment states reservation.png

Status changes for immediate payments with payment button funding source

This is available for payments that were paid with payment buttons.

Payment states pb.png