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Purchase information structure

This structure represents information about the purchase related to a payment. The data provided here is used to analyze and avoid possible fraud attempts and assure frictionless 3D secure flow.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
DeliveryTimeframe DeliveryTimeframeType
  • Required for
The speed of the delivery method.
DeliveryEmailAddress string
  • Optional
If the goods are sent electronically to the payer, here should be the e-mail address where the payer asked the goods to.
PreOrderDate datetime
  • Optional
  • In UTC
  • Expected format: "2019-06-27T07:15:51.327"
If the payer pre-ordered the goods, here should be the date when the goods will be available.
AvailabilityIndicator AvailabilityIndicator
  • Optional
When will the goods be available
ReOrderIndicator ReOrderIndicator
  • Optional
Is this purchase a re-order of a previous one.
ShippingAddressIndicator ShippingAddressIndicator
  • Optional
What kind of shipping is used.
RecurringExpiry datetime
  • Optional
  • In UTC
  • Expected format: "2019-06-27T07:15:51.327"
What is the last date when the payment can be used as a recurring source.
RecurringFrequency int
  • Optional
How many days must be between usages of the this payment as a recurring source.
PurchaseType PurchaseType
  • Optional
The type of the purchase