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There are certain situations where a Barion partner would like to refer others to use Barion's services, like a webshop aggregator or reseller. Using a referral link to register, or entering the referring user's e-mail on the Registration page has been supported since the launch of Barion, but this method might be too obnoxious for some users, especially if they never heard of Barion before.

To overcome this, we implemented a new way of handling referred users. These users no longer need to register straight away; instead, they can browse any part of the site freely before commiting themselves to registration. The flow is completely smooth and silent, with everything taking place in the background.

The referral scenario

On both public sites (meaning and we have implemented a cookie system that is able to tell if a visitor have originated from one of our partners, so the system can detect the correct referrer, even if the referred user does not register immediately.

The flow looks like this:

  1. a Barion partner sends a user to any part of the Barion site with their referral link
  2. the user browses the site for a time, then leaves
  3. several hours or days can pass
  4. the user decides that they wish to register an account

In this case, our partner still wants to connect the user's wallet as a referred account. This situation is easily solved now, using referral cookies.

Always make sure to clearly state everything about referring others in your Privacy Policy. If you have any questions regarding the referring process, contact our sales department.

How referral cookies work

The user must visit any part of the public Barion website with a query string URL parameter called r, that contains the topup code of the referrer account.

An example URL looks like this:, where 123456789 is your topup code.

This URL must be prepared by the referrer account in their own system, and handed to the referred users.

Note: your topup code is a 9-digit number, without any spaces!

The Barion site will then place a cookie into the user's browser which will expire in 7 days. This cookie indicates that the user is a referred user. If they register a wallet within 7 days, the Barion system will set the owner of the topup code as the referrer account.

Things to note:

  • If the user has a valid referral cookie from any referrer, and they get a referring URL from someone else, the cookie will not be overwritten. Referring takes place on a first-come-first-served basis, until the previous one expires.
  • After the cookie expired, the user can get another one while visiting any URL on the Barion site with anoter valid r parameter.
  • If the topup code is invalid at the time of registration (e.g. the referrer deleted themselves), the user will not be notified, and they will not be registered as a referred account. The registration process is performed in the regular way. This is to make sure not to interrupt the smooth registration process if the referrer supplied an incorrect URL.
  • Upon successful registration, the cookie is cleared from the user's browser.
  • The referrer cookie is NOT used for tracking in the classic meaning, nor it collects any user data or traffic information. It is purely to aid the cross-site functionality of the referring process.
Referring users does not grant any advantages. Referrers don't receive automatic royalties, shares, or access to any data about the referred user. It is used for business statistics.