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Electronisc shop - e-shop with one click payment sample

This example is the input of v2 /Payment/Start API call for an online shop selling electronics. This is the simplest transaction type where the customer pays to the merchant. There are two versions of the call, an initial, where Token payment is initiated and user is redirected to the Payment GUI, and a subsequent call where the token is used to make payments from the initial funding source without user interaction.


    POSKey: "999FFDDA-04FF-333F-CCCC-345FCB555FFC",
    PaymentType: "Immediate",             
    PaymentWindow: "00:30:00",

    GuestCheckout : "True",
    FundingSources: [ "All" ],    

    PaymentRequestId: "payment-25",
    OrderNumber: "order-25",
    PayerHint: "[email protected]",
    ShippingAddress:  {
        Country: "AT",
        City: "Vienna",
        Region: "",
        Zip: "1234",
        Street: "13 Etwas Strasse",
        Street2: "",
        FullName: "Joseph Schmidt",
        Phone: "43259123456789"

    RedirectUrl: "",
    CallbackUrl: "",

    Locale: "de-AT",
    Currency: "EUR",
    Transactions: [
            POSTransactionId: "tr-25",
            Payee: "[email protected]",
            Total: 400,
            Items: [
                    Name: "Digital Camera",
                    Description: "Canon D500",
                    Quantity: 1,
                    Unit: "pcs",
                    UnitPrice: 300,
                    ItemTotal: 300,
                    SKU: "cn-d500-fxc3"
                    Name: "SD Card",
                    Description: "SanDisk SD mini 512GB - 3 year garantee",
                    Quantity: 2,
                    Unit: "pcs",
                    UnitPrice: 50,
                    ItemTotal: 100,
                    SKU: "snd-sd-500gm"

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