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Setting up the Sandbox environment and testing payments

Sandbox server

Although Barion payments are super easy to integrate, we strongly advise all developers to use the sandbox server for development and testing, before going live.

There are many advantages of using the sandbox server for testing:

  • Sandbox is available 7/24/365
  • Sandbox is totally self-service, no contract or NDA needed to use it
  • No approvals required
  • No transaction fees are spent during development and testing
  • The two systems are completely separated, so the same e-mail address can be used in both systems (warning: easy to mix them up!)

The sandbox server is a copy of the live Barion servers, with some minor differences:

  • No real money in the sandbox, all transactions are using "toy" money
  • Since the sandbox is not using real money, withdrawal to bank accounts is not possible
  • Real bank cards do not work, we provide a test card
  • Top-up is only possible with test card
  • Shops are automatically approved
  • Recurrence or token payment is automatically approved
  • The servers are of smaller capacity
  • Simple SSL certificates are used
  • Sandbox servers are updated regularly without notice


Limitations in functionality

Registering accounts

Opening shop



Test card


Using mobile app with Sandbox