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Setting up the Sandbox environment and testing payments

Sandbox server

Although Barion payments are super easy to integrate, we strongly advise all developers to use the sandbox server for development and testing, before going live.

There are many advantages of using the sandbox server for testing:

  • Sandbox is available 7/24/365, you can even start working at night or during weekends (many developers do just that, but please note that except for the Facebook group, support is only available during working hours)
  • Sandbox is totally self-service, no contract or NDA needed to use it
  • No transaction fees are spent during development and testing
  • The live and the sandbox systems are completely separated, so the same e-mail address can be used in both systems (warning: easy to mix them up!)

Limitations in functionality

The sandbox server is a copy of the live Barion servers, with some minor differences:

  • From the developers perspective, the only difference is the URL
  • No real money in the sandbox, all transactions are using "test" money that has no real value
  • Since the sandbox is not using real money, withdrawal to bank accounts is not possible
  • Real bank cards do not work, we provide a test card
  • Top-up is only possible with test card
  • The servers are of smaller capacity
  • Simple SSL certificates are used
  • Sandbox servers are updated regularly without notice (we are doing our best not to lose any data)


Registering accounts

Just as in the live server, a simple online form is needed to register a Barion account. Each merchant needs a Barion account, or Wallet, as we call it. Payments are credited onto this account, immediately after payment. Note: It is easy to mix up the live and sandbox accounts, so please always double check before calling support.

This URL is identical to, the word "secure" can be omitted.

Opening a shop

Opening a shop in the sandbox is the same as opening one in the live server. The only difference is that the sandbox is wired to automatically approve all changes, while the live server requires a human compliance officer to approve the shop. Note that you still have to send the shop for approval on the shop editing page! Also prepare for questions and some minor paperwork when switching from sandbox to live.


The base URL for the Barion API is the same as the live, with the word "test" added.

HTTPS and Certificates

All communication with the Barion system must be done using TLS v1.1 / 1.2 - former encryption standards (SSLv3, TLS1.0 etc.) are not allowed. You can test your solution on the Sandbox server.

Our sandbox server is using more economical certificates, than the live server. Standard HTTPS certificate is used, instead of Extended Validation (EV), and a less well known brand has been chosen. This does not effect security and development, and applies only to the sandbox.

Test cards

The sandbox server is connected to a card acquirer, so all transactions using the test card reach out to that server. This can cause a variation in card processing time. Please note, that if you make many payments to a merchant, the account can reach a balance where another level of KYC is required, and the account will be temporarily suspended. Suspended accounts can initiate payments, but can not send or withdraw money. Try to avoid this, or in case you don't, drop a mail to support.

From 28th November 2017, the following test cards are available and previous ones do not work.

CARD 1 - payments with this card will always SUCCEED

  • BIN: 4444 8888 8888 5559
  • Expiration date: any future date
  • CVC: any 3-digit number


CARD 2 - payments with this card will always FAIL

  • BIN: 4444 8888 8888 4446
  • Expiration date: any future date
  • CVC: any 3-digit number

Payment GUI

The payment GUI in the sandbox server is the same as in the live, with some exceptions:

  • A black bar is present at the top, with a message saying "sandbox server"
  • The Comodo Site Authority is missing, since the sandbox server uses a different SSL certificate
  • The URL has the word "test" in it
  • It only accpets the test card, no real cards can be used
  • All payments are with "test" money, not real money


Confirmation e-mails are actually sent out in the Sandbox environment as well, so DO NOT use any real e-mail address that does not belong to you. Please use your own personal or development e-mail address, or if you do not care about the e-mail itself, use the e-mail domain.

Using the Barion Web App in Sandbox mode

You can log into the Barion Web App on the same URL, with the word "test" added. A black bar is shown on top of each screen to help differentiate from the live server.

This URL is identical to, the word "secure" can be omitted.

Using the Barion Mobile App in Sandbox mode

You can also use the Barion Mobile App with the sandbox server by entering test# before the e-mail address when logging into the app. The title bar of the app turns green to help differentiate from live accounts. You can download the app from Google Play or from the App Store.