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Shipping address structure

This structure represents a shipping address related to a payment. The data provided here is used to analyze and avoid possible fraud attempts.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
DeliveryMethod string
  • Optional
The delivery method, if applicable.
Country string
  • Optional
  • Exactly 3 characters
The recipient's country code in ISO-3166-1 format.
City string
  • Optional
The complete name of the city of the recipient address.
Region string
  • Optional
  • Exactly 3 characters
The region code of the recipient address in ISO-3166-2 format
Zip string
  • Optional
The zip code of the recipient address.
Street string
  • Optional
The shipping street address with house number and other details.
Street2 string
  • Optional
The address, continued.
FullName string
  • Optional
The full civil or official name of the recipient.
Phone string
  • Optional
The phone number of the recipient.