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Documentation of smar.js


The current version of smar.js does not send initiateCheckout and initiatePurchase events. All pages (including the order summary) need to include the following libraries:

  • jQuery 1.1+
  • bp.js


Paste the following snippet before the closing body tag:

   <script src="" id="barion_smar" async="true" grantconsent="<accept button selector>" rejectconsent="<reject button selector>" add2cart="<add to cart button selector>"></script>

Write the selectors for the buttons to the attributes respectively.

  • grantconsent: The selector of the element on which the user clicks a grantConsent event should be sent
  • rejectconsent: The selector of the element on which the user clicks a rejectConsent event should be sent
  • add2cart: The selector of the element on which the user clicks an addToCart event should be sent. This attribute is optional.

As the smar.js library relies on jQuery, all the selector or selectors can be used here. More information on selectors can be found here: jQuery selectors


Here is an example of the embedding code:

<script src="" async="true" id="barion_smar" grantconsent="" rejectconsent="" add2cart=".add-to-cart, button#add-to-cart"></script>

The selectors can be checked with the help of Google Chrome console (Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows), then click on the arrow icon in the top left corner, then click on the button as shown on the screenshot below. In the selected line, copy a unique label from the class attribute of the button tag to the appropriate attribute of the embedding script tag.

The grantconsent event listener is attached to a button with cc-allow class: <button class=”cc-btn cc-allow”>Accept</button> The addtocart event listener is attached to any element with add-to-cart class and a button with add-to-cart id. <span class=”add-to-cart”>Add to cart</span> <button id=”add-to-cart”>Add to cart</button>

Event Description Identifiers
Event grantConsent
Description Customer grants access to storing marketing cookies
Identifiers Fill the _grantconsent_ attribute with the appropriate selector A _grantconsent_ is also sent, when the user clicks on a button with class A _grantconsent_ is also sent, if the checkbox with _#marketing-cookies-checkbox_ is checked