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Barion API: Download statement file

GET /v1/Statement/Download

The /statement/download API endpoint is used to download monthly or daily statement files generated by the Barion system.

Prerequisites before use:

v1 This API endpoint is available in API v1 only.

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
UserName string
  • Required
The login name of the Barion user. This is currently the user's e-mail address.
Password string
  • Required
The password of the Barion user.
Year int
  • Required
The statement year.
Month int
  • Required
The statement month.
Day int
  • Optional
The statement day. If specified, the system will serve a daily statement file.
Currency string
  • Required
  • Required length: 3 characters

Accepted values:

  • "CZK" (Czech crown)
  • "EUR" (Euro)
  • "HUF" (Hungarian forint)
  • "USD" (U.S. dollar)
The currency of the statement's account. Accounts with separate currencies have separate statement files.

Output and response

Depending on the given input parameters the endpoint will produce the following outputs:

  • If the caller fails to authenticate with a valid username and password, the API will produce an empty output with an HTTP 403 Forbidden status code.
  • If only year and month were specified for the statement, the endpoint will try to serve the monthly statement for the corresponding year and month as a signed PDF (Printable Document Format) document.
  • If year, month, and day were specified for the statement, the endpoint will try to serve the daily statement for the corresponding date as a signed XLSX (Microsoft Excel) document.
  • If the requested statement file is not available, the API returns an error message with an HTTP 404 Not found status code. This can happen if the requested statement file has not been generated yet.
  • If the user does not have an account in the specified currency, the API returns an error message with an HTTP 400 Bad request status code.

Things to know

  • Daily statement files will not show up on the site for download. They can only be downloaded via this API endpoint.
  • Once the statement files have been generated, they are available to download for an indefinite time.
  • If a statement is re-generated for a given date, it will be assigned a new filename and a new digital signature. The Barion API will always serve the latest statement file for a given day or month. It is the user's responsibility to distinguish between old and new statement files.


Downloading the daily statement of an EUR account for October 6th 2019:[email protected]&password=my5Tr0ngP4ssW0rd&year=2019&month=10&day=6&currency=EUR

Downloading the monthly statement of an HUF account for April 2019:[email protected]&password=my5Tr0ngP4ssW0rd&year=2019&month=4&currency=HUF