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Barion API: Topup from wallet with partner card

POST /v2/TopUp/FromWalletWithPartnerCard

Use cases

This endpoint can transfer e-money from one wallet to another (identified by the card). Read more about it here

v2 This API endpoint is available in API v2 only.

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
PartnerKey Guid
  • Required
The secret API key of the partner, generated by Barion.
SourceWalletLoginName string
  • Required
The Barion login name (e-mail address) of the facilitator. This is the source wallet for the transfer. The specified amount will be transferred from here to the wallet identified by the card. If topup fees are applicable for the transaction they will be charged here as well.

IMPORTANT: This wallet must be connected to the trusted partner that calls the API! Such connections are to be requested individually at the developer support.

PrivateCardKey string - The private key of the card.
CardPin string
  • Required
  • Min 4 Max 8 length alphanumeric string
The PIN code associated with the card.
Amount decimal - The amount that should be topped up to the wallet.
Currency decimal
  • Required
  • Required length: 3 characters
  • Accepted values:
    • "CZK" (Czech crown)
    • "EUR" (Euro)
    • "HUF" (Hungarian forint)
    • "USD" (U.S. dollar)
The currency of the transaction
Agent TopUpPerson - The agent that processes the topup
Client TopUpPerson - The card holder who is present when the topup occures. The one who brings the money.

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
WasTopUpSuccessful bool True, if the process was successful.
TopUpTransactionId string The Id of the topup

Possible error responses

Error code Description
InvalidCardKey The card key provided either doesn't belong to a card or the card is already issued.
UserCantMakeOutgoingTransaction The source of the transfer, the facilitator user is not allowed to make outgoing transactions. Probably suspended.
SourceAccountNotAllowedForPartner The originally specified source Barion wallet was not connected to the trusted partner
InvalidUser Something is seriously broken with an account in the transaction.
TopUpFailed The topup process failed because of a system error.