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Hi and welcome in the world of Barion "DOCS" wiki. Here you can find all the information and documents connected to the Barion system (API documentation, planned APIs, financial, legal and marketing materials). This wiki is constantly under construction in order to give you the latest information and news about Barion. The percentage at the top of the pages show you, how ready is the exact document.


Documentations, API reference,

everything a developer needs to integrate Barion

Business, financial and legal documents,

everything an executive would need to use Barion

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Collector pages:

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API list


Name Description
/Transfer/Send Implementing easy electronic payment
/Payment/StartTransaction Launcing payment transaction from webpage (payment gateway) or software (cash register, vendéglátós software)
/Account/Login Login to Barion system
/Login/SignOut Sign out from messenger service
/Account/Balance Cheking users balance
/Account/UserDetails User detail query
/Image/DownloadAvatar Downloading user's avatar picture
/Qr/Generate Generating QR code picture for mobile payment transactions without Bluetooth 4.0
/Qr/Referral Generation QR code picture for inviting other users (Referral)
/Payment/GetTransactionState Transaction detail query
/Transaction/RecentPartners Recent transaction partners query
/Transaction/Detail One or more transaction detail query
/Transaction/List Transaction history query
/Payment/Notify User notification (device) about shop transaction waiting for payment
/Payment/Pay Payment
/Payment/Cancel Canceling payment
/Transaction/Reserve Reserving barion from user's Barion account
/Transaction/FinishReservation Finishing reservation
/Transaction/UpdateReservation Updating or changing reserved amount
SignalR: ReportDetectedDevices Közelben érzékelt iBeacon eszközök bejelentése a szervernek.
SignalR: RegisterDevice A SignalR üzenetek fogadásához ezzel a hívással kell beregisztrálni a klienseket
SignalR: NearbyDevice Közelben lélő Barion készülékek érzékelése.
SignalR: NewTransaction Kliens értesítést kap új tranzakcióról (pl. pénzküldés).
SignalR: PaymentNotification Kliens (vásárló) értesítést kap új fizetési felkérésről (vásárlás során).
SignalR: PaymentCancelNotification Kliens (eladó) értesítést kap arról, hogy egy vásárló visszautasította a fizetést.
SignalR: Ping SignalR kapcsolat életbentartása.
/Transaction/StornoShopTransaction Korábban kifizetett vásárlás sztornózása.


V2 urls must be prefices with /v2/. For example:
Name Description
Payment-Start-v2 Prepare payment
/Payment/PayWithEMoney Pay with e-money
/Payment/PayWithRegisteredCard Pay with a card stored in the Barion wallet
/Payment/PayWithNewCardAsUser Pay as a new user
/Payment/FinishReservation Finish a reservation type payment
/Payment/Reject Reject a payment
/Payment/GetTransactionState Get details of a transaction
/Payment/GetPaymentState Get details of a payment


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