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Contributor's guide

Here you can find the basic guidelines to use when editing any article of the Barion documentation. Please stand to these in order to minimize confusion and create a consistent syntax throughout the wiki.

  • Use whitespace when creating page titles (it will be converted into underscores in the URL)
  • Do not leave redirects when moving pages
  • Upload images in 200DPI resolution, embed in 1000px wide, set preference to 1024
  • Use <tt></tt> tag for keywords or code fragments
  • Do not use TOC on Main Page

  • Use the PageTitle template to display article heading (automatic title is not displayed)
{{PageTitle|title=Barion API endpoint list}}

  • E-mail addresses should have subject and in this format
[mailto:[email protected]?subject=Localisation-request [email protected]]

  • Page title and TOC
{{PageTitle|title= Getting started - overview of Barion payments}}

  • Use the NotificationBox template to display notifications
{{NotificationBox|title=NOTE|text=This is generic notification!|color=#1993c7}}
This is a notification!
{{NotificationBox|title=IMPORTANT|text=This is an important tip or notification,but not a warning!|color=#FF7A3D}}
This is an important tip or notification,but not a warning!
{{NotificationBox|title=WARNING|text=This is a warning!|color=#c20000}}
This is a warning!

  • Mark incomplete articles with the IncompletePage template
This article is incomplete. It may change significantly without any notice, so don't rely on any content you find here yet. Please check back later.

  • For syntax highlighting, use JSON language
<syntaxhighlight lang="json"> ... </syntaxhighlight>