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Going live


To make real payments, you need a contract with Barion. Contracting is done by accepting the Terms & Conditions in online registration, there is no paperwork or similar hassle. Each merchant needs a Barion account, or Wallet, as we call it. Payments are credited to this account immediately after payment.

You can register an account at our Registration page.

See also:

Always double-check which server you are using, avoid mixing up Live and Sandbox accounts.

Approval & KYC

Barion is a regulated business, many of our processes are bound by laws. We are mandated to check each shop and approve it manually. We only allow shops that are legal and comply with our Terms & Conditions. We do not support gambling and adult content, even if it is legal. If you are in a risky business or not sure, contact us through chat on Barion.com before starting development.

Upon approval, you are asked to provide additional information (such as company papers) about your shop. Providing inaccurate information may delay the approval of your shop. Upon reaching certain limits, or by the decision of our staff, you are asked to go through a process called KYC (Know Your Customer), which is the identification process mandated by Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws.

Optional recurring

Token or recurring payments must be further approved. Since token payment basically allows you to carry out payments at will, this option is only available for trustworthy companies. Contact our experts well in advance, if you plan to use this option.

Change URL and POSKey and it works

We recommend making these parameters, so you can easily switch between the sandbox and live servers. To go live, make the following changes to the payment solution.

Always double-check this list before calling support, it is easy to mix up live and sandbox data.

Requirement for Smart Package

Make sure you fulfill all requirements of your chosen price package. Refer to Getting started for requirements.

Logo placement

Logos are available in many formats and sizes (PNG, WMF, AI, PDF, CDR, SVG) and a PDF guide helps with placement. Follow the guide and do not make changes to the official logo.

An example for Hungary:

Find the banner guide and logos

T&C requirements

You must include Barion payment in your own Terms & Conditions. Our staff checks it and only approves shops with properly formulated legal texts.


Refer to the Security Measures page for more information on IT security before going live.

Contact and support

Refer to Getting support for more information.