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Payment transaction structure

This structure represents a payment transaction related to a payment. One payment can contain multiple payment transactions.

API usage

This structure is used by the following API endpoints:

Property list

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
POSTransactionId string
  • Required
The unique identifier of the transaction at the shop that started the payment.
Payee string
  • Required
  • Must be the e-mail address of a valid Barion wallet
The recipient user of the transaction. This Barion Wallet receives the money when the payment is completed by the payer.
Total decimal The total amount of the transaction. This is the amount that is charged towards the payer when completing the payment. The final amount of the transactiom. This will overwrite the original amount.

The allowed number of decimal digits depends on the currency of the payment containing this transaction:

  • CZK: two digits
  • EUR: two digits
  • HUF: zero digits
  • USD: two digits
Comment string
  • Optional
A comment associated with the transaction. This is NOT shown to the payer. Description of the transaction, this will overwrite the original description
PayeeTransactions PayeeTransaction[]
  • Optional
An array containing possible sub-transactions, which are executed after the payment was completed. These are e-money transactions that always take place in the Barion system. See the PayeeTransaction page for structure and syntax.

These are NOT shown to the payer.

Items Item[]
  • Required
An array containing the items (products or services) included in the transaction. See the Item page for structure and syntax. Items of the transaction. These will overwrite the original items

These are shown to the payer on the Barion Smart Gateway.