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Barion Pixel event reference

Required Barion Pixel event handlers














Recommended Barion Pixel event handlers








Special types

Custom events and properties

You can define your own custom events or properties, and include them in the Barion Full Pixel implementation.

Custom events

Anything you'd like to track about your customers' behavior on your webshop that the existing Barion Pixerl events don't cover.

Name Data type Description Required?
_eventAction string The user's action on the site. yes
_eventCategory string The self-defined categor for the event, such as "user_settings". no
_eventLabel string The label you associate with the event, such as "language_selection". no
_eventProperty string The custom property passed with the event's handler, such as "unit_format". no
_eventValue string The value of the event's custom property, such as "inches". no

Custom properties

The names of custom properties need to start with an underscore (_).

A custom property can be passed to any standard Barion Full Pixel event.


Name Data type Description Required? Note
contentType One of the following string options: "Page", "Product", "Article", "Promotion", "Banner", "Misc" The type of page that triggered the event. yes In case this is an item listing page, pass "Product". Otherwise, select the option that best matches the type of page. See the event's list property also.
currency string (ISO 4217 currency code) The currency that the associated item's price is listed in. yes Required if "contentType": "Product"
id string A unique identifier for the item associated with the event. yes
name string The full name associated with the item associated with the event.
Make sure that you use the same name across Barion Pixel events for the same item or promotional material.
quantity float The quantity that is displayed on the page for the item on sale. yes Required if "contentType": "Product"
totalItemPrice float The total price of the item or items added to the cart, in the specified currency. yes
unit string The associated item's unit (e.g. piece, set, liter). yes Required if "contentType": "Product"
unitPrice float The price of a single unit of the item for sale, in the currency property. yes Required if "contentType": "Product"
brand string The item's brand. no
category string -separated subcategory chain (e.g. "clothes|shoes|winter") or the single category (e.g. "winter shoes") of the item for sale. no
description string A detailed description of the item. no
ean string The item's International Article Number (EAN). no
imageUrl string The URL of the item's image. no
variant string The variant of the item on sale that distinguishes it from other similar items (such as color, material, or time and date). no


Name Data type Description Required? Note
city string The full name of the recipient's city. no
countrry an ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 compliant string The recipient's country code. no
deliveryMethod string The method of delivery, if applicable. no
fullName string The recipient's legal name. no
phone string The recipient's phone number no
region an ISO-3166-2 compliant string The recipient's region code. no
street string The recipient's street address, including building number and street name. no
street2 string Further details in the recipient's street address (floor, door, bell, etc.). no
zipCode string The recipient's postal code. no