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ChallengePreference enumeration

This enum indicates the merchant's 3DS authentication preference.

API usage

This enum is used by the following API endpoints:

Enum list

Enum value Byte / int value Description
NoPreference 0

The merchant does not have any preference about how the 3DS authentication should be used for this payment.

In this case Barion decides about the usage of 3DS authentication

ChallengeRequired 10

The customer should be challenged during the payment process for additional security.

In this case 3DS authentication will be performed even if the transaction would be eligible for frictionless flow.

NoChallengeNeeded 20

Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) will be performed on this payment (for more information see Barion Fraud Buster). In this case an exemption will be sent to the payment processor, indicating that the payment underwent TRA, and no 3DS authentication should be performed. The advantage of applying this options is higher conversion (since no challenge will be performed), however the liability is on the merchants. This exemption can only be applied to payments under 500 EUR (or equivalent).