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Creating an account in Barion

This article contains information about creating an account in the Barion system.

To register, visit the Barion website and click the "Sign up now" button.

if you are a developer, it is recommended to create an account in the Sandbox environment first.

Individual, business or non-profit

You can register yourself as an individual, a business entity or a non-profit organization. Please make sure you have chosen the proper registration type (e.g. do not register as an individual if you have a company running your business). Failing to do so will result in difficulties validating yourself through our KYC process.

Different currencies

You can choose from the following available currencies upon registration:

  • CZK (Czech crown)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • HUF (Hungarian forint)
  • USD (U.S. dollar)

You must choose one currency to create your account with. You can manually add the other ones later on the "My currencies" page.

Anonimity and limits

When you create an account as an individual, you have the option to be completely anonymous in the system. In such case, you only have to provide your e-mail address and a password. If you register as a business or non-profit organization, you must provide additional data related to your business.

At the end of the registration process, your account will be in an unverified status. This means there are several limits applied to your account. These limits are the following:

  • In one calendar year, the maximum sum of topped up amount cannot be larger than HUF650,000 (roughly €2,100 or $2,250 - see actual conversion rates)
Note: payments made in your shops through the Barion Smart Gateway count towards your top up amount!
  • In one calendar year, the maximum sum of withdrawn money cannot be larger than HUF260,000 (rougly €840 or $900 - see actual conversion rates)
  • In one calendar day, the maximum sum of e-money transfers must be lower than HUF3,600,000 (rougly €11,500 or $12,500 - see actual conversion rates)
  • Bank transfers are inspected by the monitoring system and can be held back for several days

To disable these limits, you must undergo our KYC procedure to verify your account. Please note that if you verify your account, you can not remain anonymous in the Barion system.