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Barion API: Cancel an authorized payment

POST /v2/Payment/CancelAuthorization

The /payment/cancelauthorization API endpoint is used to cancel an existing, previously authorized payment. All transactions are reversed, and the payment is finished with 0 amount. The blocking of the amount on the payment card is lifted.

Prerequisites before use:

v2 This API endpoint is available in API v2 only.

Use cases

This API endpoint is designed to be used in the following scenarios:

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
POSKey Guid
  • Required
The secret API key of the shop, generated by Barion. This lets the shop to authenticate through the Barion API, but does not provide access to the account owning the shop itself.
PaymentId Guid
  • Required
The identifier of the payment in the Barion system.

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
IsSuccessful bool Result of the transaction
PaymentId Guid The identifier of the payment, generated by the Barion system.
PaymentRequestId string The payment identifier supplied by the API caller in the request.
Status PaymentStatus The status of the payment in the Barion system.
Transactions ProcessedTransaction[] Related transactions