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Car sharing 'Uber' style - C2C sample

This example is the input of v2 /Payment/Start API call for a car sharing 'Uber' style service, where passengers pay a fee for rides to drivers, and the app provider receives a fee. The API call is initiated by the app provider, as the facilitator.


    POSKey: "999FFDDA-04FF-333F-CCCC-345FCB555FFC",
    PaymentType: "Immediate",             
    PaymentWindow: "00:30:00",
    PaymentRequestId: "fa-01",
    PayerHint: "[email protected]",
    Locale: "en-US",
    Currency: "USD",
    FundingSources: [
    Transactions: [
            POSTransactionId: "fa-01-01",
            Payee: "[email protected]",
            Total: 50,
            //Immediately after crediting $50 to driver, $5 will be sent to the app provider.
            PayeeTransactions: [
                    POSTransactionId: "TR-01-01-01",
                    Payee: "[email protected]",
                    Total: 5,
                    Comment: "Car sharing commission: TR-01-01-01."
            Items: [
                    Name: "Car sharing ride",
                    Description: "Ride from 23 Lucky road, Queens to 456 Broadway, Manhattan",
                    Quantity: 20,
                    Unit: "miles",
                    UnitPrice: 2.5,
                    ItemTotal: 50,
                    SKU: ""

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