Barion release notes - 2022.11.21

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Barion release notes - 2022.11.21

Short summary

We are publishing some new features in this release:

  • Virtual IBAN feature for bank transfer top-ups,
  • Barion Wallet API key as a new method of API authentication.

Virtual IBAN

Your Barion Wallet now has Virtual IBAN numbers for USD, HUF, and EUR currencies. Instead of manually entering top-up codes, topping up becomes smoother and more error-free. You can check your IBAN numbers in the Top Up menu.

Why is this great news? Here’s a quick laundry list:

  • Forget top-up codes: Having dedicated virtual IBAN account numbers can immediately identify all your top-ups.
  • Less manual errors: The era of entering uniquely generated top-up codes in the comment field is over. You don’t need to type anything manually, just top-up your Wallet and we take care of the rest.
  • One IBAN number for each currency: If you have several currencies in your Barion Wallet, we’ll dedicate a unique virtual IBAN number to every currency. As for HUF-based accounts, you’ll also get a GIRO number.
If you top up Czech crowns (CZK), these improvements will not affect your Barion Wallet. Use your top-up code to transfer CZK to your Barion Wallet.

Barion Wallet API key

The Wallet level API authentication method is changing, from now on the supported authentication method is via API key. The following endpoints are affected:

v2 /Accounts

v3 /Withdraw/BankTransfer

v2 /Withdraw/BankTransfer (deprecated)

v2 /Statement/Download

v2 /Transfer/Email

For more details, please read our documentation about Barion Wallet Authentication

Previous integrations will not be affected yet, as Basic authentication will still be available until 2023 May/June. Further notice will be sent to integrators, who need to switch to the new authentication method.