Barion release notes - 2023r3

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Barion release notes - 2023.08.21


We are introducing the following features for the 2023.08.21 Barion release:

  • ABO file format export
  • ACS time-out issue mitigation
  • Bug fixes and improvements

ABO file format export

The ABO format is commonly used for exchanging financial data in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We added the ABO file export feature to Barion to simplify financial administration for our users. You can export your transaction history in ABO format (.GPC file) from the Activity pages.

ACS time-out issue mitigation

We have taken several measures to address the ACS time-out issues during the 3DS process, which resulted in several unsuccessful payments in the past months:

  • implemented additional logging
  • restructured HTML
  • introduced an extra loading screen

These improvements aim to provide a smoother payment experience for our customers.