Barion release notes - 2024.06.11

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Barion release notes - 2024.06.11

  • Rich Text Rejection Emails
  • Barion Bridge Toggle
  • Updated Barion Shop Registration Checklist

Barion Smart Gateway Facelift Pilot

If you'd like to enable the revamped payment gateway UI, including a dark mode option, for your customers, select the "Barion Smart Gateway Revamp" checkbox on your Barion shop's Settings page.

The wider release of the new UI is expected in Q3 this year.

See what the new UI looks like.

Rich Text Rejection Emails

Instead of plain text, if your Barion shop application is rejected, the email with explanation and next steps will now include text formatting.

Barion Bridge Toggle

Barion Bridge is now disabled by default for new Barion shops, and Barion shops that haven't used multi-party payment scenarios in the past three months.

Request to have multi-party payment functionality enabled for your Barion shop.

Updated Barion Shop Registration Checklist

From now on, when you create a Barion shop, the to-do list for a smooth onboarding has been updated and expanded.

The most notable change is the reminder that Barion shop owners need to be the legal owners of their webshop's domain.