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Barion API: Request all details of a POS

GET /v1/Pos/{PublicKey}

Use the Pos?PublicKey API endpoint to query all details and the current state of a point of sale (POS).

Prerequisites before use:

v1 This API endpoint is available in API v1 only.


Barion Wallet Authentication

Query string parameters for getting a shop's state

Query string parameter Parameter type Parameter description
PublicKey string The public key of the POS.

Output properties

Query string parameter Parameter type Parameter description
Name string The unique name of the shop.
PublicKey Guid The public key of the shop.
SecretKey Guid The secret POS key of the shop.
Status ShopStatus The status of the shop.
IsOpen bool Information on whether the shop is open.
Description string The short description of the shop.
Logo string The logo of the shop, is sent as a URL.
BusinessContact BusinessContact The business contact details of the shop.
TechnicalContact TechnicalContact The technical contact details of the shop.
CustomerServiceContact CustomerServiceContact The contact details of your customer service desk, where your customers can contact you.
CallBackUrl string The URL where the Barion system sends a request whenever there is a change in the state of the shop.
ReferenceId string The top-up code of the wallet. Used to distinguish shops arriving through different channels.
CustomTemplate string The custom template you used to modify the displayed data.
CustomCSS string The custom CSS you used to modify the gateway design.
OwnerEmail string The email address of the shop owner.
GooglePayMerchantId string The ID that identifies your webshop. This can be copied from the Detail page of your shop (in Barion). For more information, see Google_Pay.
PixelId string This is referenced when integrating our Barion Pixel.