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Barion API: Fetch shop authentication data for Shoptet proxy

GET /v3/Shoptet/Index/<EshopID>

The /Shoptet/Index API endpoint is used to fetch authentication data required to initiate a payment from a shop that is using the Barion Smart Gateway via the Shoptet SaaS system.

Prerequisites before use:

v3 This API endpoint is available in API v3 only.

Exclusive This API endpoint is exclusive to Shoptet.CZ integrations only!

Use cases

This API endpoint is designed to be used in the following scenarios:

Shoptet E-Shop ID

This unique ID is assigned to the shop by the Shoptet SaaS system, and must be set separately in Barion. The identifier must be included in the URL path, as in a REST API scheme.

Example: /v3/Shoptet/Index/D53bA23F8, where D53bA23F8 is the Shoptet E-shop ID.

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
PartnerKey Guid
  • Required
The secret partner key of the caller, generated and maintained by Barion. This is obtained via special arrangements. See our sales team for details.

This must be supplied in the query string.

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
POSKey Guid The secret key of the shop used to initiate payments.
ShopOwnerEmailAddress string The e-mail address of the shop owner.

Example call




    "POSKey": "b8c7c5fc207d47db88c3ddfb7e74d27d",
    "ShopOwnerEmailAddress": "shopo[email protected]",
    "IsSuccessful": true,
    "Errors": [ ]