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Transaction status enumeration

This enum indicates the current status of a transaction.

Included in

Transaction status is used in the following structures:

Enum list

Enum value Byte / int value Description
Prepared 0 The transaction is prepared, and is ready to be completed.
Started 1 The transaction has been started. This is used at reservation payments.
Succeeded 2 The transaction was successfully completed.
Timeout 3 The transaction has timed out.
ShopIsDeleted 4 The shop that created the transaction has been deleted in the meantime.
ShopIsClosed 5 The shop that created the transaction has been closed in the meantime.
Rejected 6 The user rejected the transaction.
RejectedByShop 12 The transaction was cancelled by the shop.
Storno 13 Storno amount for a previous transaction.
Reserved 14 The transaction amount has been reserved.
Deleted 15 The transaction was deleted.
Expired 16 The transaction has expired.
Authorized 17 The card payment transaction is authorized but not captured yet.
Reversed 18 The authorization was reversed (either captured with amount 0, or net captured at all).
InvalidPaymentRecord 210 A payment to the given transaction does not exists.
PaymentTimeOut 211 The payment of the transaction has timed out.
InvalidPaymentStatus 212 The payment of the transaction is in an invalid status.
PaymentSenderOrRecipientIsInvalid 213 The sender or recipient user was not found in the Barion system.
Unknown 255 The transaction is in an unknown state.