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Getting support

Before you contact us

We are IT guys, too, we know it is a lot easier to write an email. Help us save time and effort and check all available documentation before asking for help, specifically, read the Getting started and the Troubleshooting parts. Accessing your Barion shop's payment history can also help.


Send your support requests to [email protected]

Include the following so we can provide the most effective support:

  • Detailed description of your issue.
  • Any IDs you have, such as account e-mail, shop name, transaction ID, and so on.
  • Whether you are using Live or Sandbox environment.
  • The JSON that you submitted and did not work.
  • A screenshot, if relevant.
  • Your phone number or Skype/Zoom, so we can call you with questions.

Account management for business

With business or legal questions, contact our experts listed at the bottom of the merchant page.

Facebook group

Our international developer group with several hundreds of members is at the Developers page

Barion status page

If you want to see the real-time status of Barion, subscribe to updates at our status page

Discord server

Join the Barion Discord community our server.