Barion release notes - 2023r2

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Barion release notes - 2023.05.23

Short summary

Barion is introducing a set of new API endpoints that greatly enhance the creation and querying functionalities of online shops, known as points of sale (POS), for customers who already possess a Barion Wallet. These endpoints offer businesses powerful tools to automate the process of establishing their shops directly from their own interface. The two key features provided by these endpoints are:

In addition, we rollout out a new update that transforms bank transfers from your Barion Wallet to a Barion virtual account number into a direct money transfer. This update enables you to transfer funds directly for free.

Creating a new POS

With the Create a POS endpoint, you can effortlessly generate a new point of sale (POS) by making a simple API call. To utilize this functionality, it is essential to have already created a Barion Wallet and possess a solid understanding of how to interact with the Barion API (call the Barion API). By leveraging this endpoint, you can seamlessly integrate the creation of POS systems into your existing workflow, enhancing the overall experience for both you and your customers.

Querying POS details

The Query all details of a POS endpoint offers the capability to retrieve comprehensive information about a point of sale (POS) that is associated with a Barion Wallet. By making use of this endpoint, you can easily obtain all the relevant details and data related to a specific POS.

Barion Wallet to Barion vIBAN transfers

From this release onwards, when you initiate a bank transfer from your Barion Wallet to a Barion vIBAN or GIRO, we automatically recognize it and handle it as a direct transfer instead. This means that the transaction is instantaneous and free of charge.