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Barion API: remote KYC identification process for organizations

POST /v2/Identification/RemoteCompany

The /identification/remotecompany API endpoint is used to complete a remote identification process for a company (organization) previously registered in the Barion system.

Prerequisites before use:

v2 This API endpoint is available in API v2 only.

partners This API endpoint is available for trusted Barion partners only.

Prerequisites and constraints

IMPORTANT! This API call requires that the caller has previously sent a request to the Identification-Information-v2 endpoint with valid authentication data for the organization, so they obtain the CompanyRegisterId parameter which is required for this endpoint. The Identification-Information-v2 call result also contains information about the representative personnel of the company and their Signatory status. The list of representative personnel included in the call to this API endpoint must match the data received in the previous call, and the combination of the provided personnel must comply with the company's signatory regulations. Otherwise an exception message is thrown.

Input properties

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
PartnerKey Guid
  • Required
The secret API key of the trusted partner, generated by Barion.
ClientEmail string
  • Required
The e-mail address of the client that is being identified
ClientPassword string
  • Required
The Barion password of the client that is being identified
IdentifierAgent IdentifierAgent
  • Required
Information about the agent who is initiating the identification process
CompanyRegisterId Guid
  • Required
The public identifier of the register data associated with the organization. This is received by making an API call to the the Identification-Information-v2 endpoint first.
Representatives RemoteRepresentative[]
  • Required
List of representative persons for the organization being identified
RealOwners RemoteRealOwner[]
  • Required
List of the real owners of the organization being identified

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
IsSuccessful bool Indicates wether the identification process was successfully completed or not

Possible error responses

Error code Description
UserNotFound The given user was not found in the system
AuthenticationFailed Authentication failed for the given account (incorrect password)
LoginHasWrongAccountType The given account is not an organization account in Barion
IdentificationPending The given account already has a pending identification process
RegistrationNumberMissing The given organization did not provide a registration number in Barion
IdentificationPending The given account already has a pending identification process
IncompleteData The given company data was incomplete (owners or representatives are missing)
InvalidCompanyRegisterId The supplied company register record was not found in the database. You must place a call to Identification-Information-v2 to obtain this identifier.
SignatoryStatusMismatch The supplied list of representatives does not comply with the signatory requirements of the company record
InvalidRepresentatives One or more supplied representatives do not match the ones found in the company record
InvalidCountryCode The given country code for an owner or representative was in an invalid format
NameIsOnProhibitionList One of the supplied owners or representatives is on prohibition list. In this case, contact legal authorities!
DocumentsMissing The caller did not provide the personal documents for the identification
DocumentValidityMissing One or more documents that has a mandatory validity did not have the validity set
DocumentExpired One or more supplied document is expired
RemoteIdentificationFailed A general error occured - contact the Barion support



  "PartnerKey": "9e9e72fe-96be-4dd3-8957-03e9e1d3f591",
  "ClientEmail": "[email protected]",
  "ClientPassword": "57R0ngP4S5w0RĐ",
  "IdentifierAgent": {
  	"FirstName": "Adam",
  	"LastName": "Agent",
  	"UserName": "adam2017"
  "CompanyRegisterId": "8c2f52da-dd17-42f4-83b6-95a3847c3924",
  "Representatives": [
      "FirstName": "John",
      "LastName": "Smith",
      "IsRealOwner": true,
      "Documents": [
          "DocumentType": 1,
          "DocumentNumber": "IDCARD001",
          "DocumentValidUntil": "2025-05-05T00:00:00",
          "DocumentImages": [
          		"Data": "/9j/4RIuRXhpZgAATU0AKgAAAAgABwESAAMAAAABAAEAAAEaAAUAAAABAAAAYgE...", /* example truncated */
          		"MimeType": "image/jpeg"


    "IsSuccessful": true,
    "Errors": []