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Organization representative signatory status

The signatory status of a company representative tells the KYC agent about the valid scenarios for undergoing KYC procedure. If there are multiple representative personnel for a company, it is not trivial that any of them may sign the KYC contract. The signatory status aids you in understanding the required combination of representative personnel.

When placing a call to the Identification-Information-v2 endpoint, the resulting data contains three properties that determines the proper combination: RepresentationMode, SignatoryStatus and AssignedSignatory

  • If the representation mode of the person is Alone, they represent the company in solo. The presence of that person alone is enough for a valid signing of a contract.
  • If the representation mode of the person is WithSomeone, another person is needed for the signing.
    • If their signatory status is WithAnyone, any other person can take part in the signing.
    • If their signatory status is WithSpecified, the person specified in the AssignedSignatory property also must be present at the signing. No other personnel are valid in this scenario.
    • If their signatory status is IsMandatory, they must be present at any signing for the company. In this case, the second person can be anyone with the WithSomeone representation mode.

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