Remote Identification

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Remote identification

To be able to start the identification via the API you have to have an organization registered in the system. This organization must have a registration number because this is the data that we use to start an identification process. (The registration number is a required field in the registration process)


The identification documents are the following:

  • Id card (number and expiry date)
  • Address card (number only)

The photos of these documents are also required for the identification process

The test environment only works with specific registration numbers!

In the test environment only these registration numbers can be used (you have to set them manually):

  • 1206000001
  • 1206000002
  • 1206000003
  • 1206000004
  • 1209000001
  • 1209000002
  • 1210000001
  • 1210000002

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