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Barion API: transaction history

GET /v3/UserHistory/GetHistory

The /v3/UserHistory/GetHistory API endpoint is used to query the transaction history from the Barion system for the authenticated wallet. The /v3/TransactionHistory/GetDetail endpoint can be used to query the details of the history item.

Prerequisites before use:

This API should not be used for reconciliation, use the statement API instead.
The item type of history elements does not correlate with the type of transactions exported through GUI or downloaded with statement API.


Barion Wallet Authentication

Input properties

The input properties should be defined in the query string.

Property name Property type Limitations and constraints Description
LastVisibleItemId Guid
  • Optional

The identifier of the oldest transaction. Only transactions before the defined transaction will be included in the response.

LastRequestTime DateTime
  • Optional
  • Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)

The exact time of the last request. Only transactions after or at the defined request time will be included in the response.

Limit int
  • Optional
  • If not defined the default value is 20
  • If the defined value is greater than 20 the default value will be used

The expected number of transactions in the response.

Currency string
  • Optional
  • Required length: 3 characters
  • Must be supplied in ISO 4217 format

Accepted values:

  • "CZK" (Czech crown)
  • "EUR" (Euro)
  • "HUF" (Hungarian forint)
  • "USD" (U.S. dollar)
The currency of the transaction. If the currency is defined, then only transactions in the same currency will be included in the response.

Output properties

Property name Property type Description
Id Guid The identifier of the history item.
Type HistoryItemType The type of the history item.
HappenedAtUtc DateTime The exact time when the item happened.
ConcurrencyOrder int The order of the transaction when more than one transaction happened at the same time. When only one transaction happened at a given timestamp, this value can be ignored.
SourceAccount UserHistoryParticipant The user who initiated the transaction or from whom the money originated.
TargetAccount UserHistoryParticipant The user who will receive the amount of the transaction.
Amount decimal The amount of the transaction.
Currency string The 3-character ISO 4217 currency code of the payment.
Description string Description of the transaction. Max: 640 characters.
IsInProgress bool This flag indicates that the transaction is not in the final state.
BalanceChangeType BalanceChangeType Indicates the direction of change regarding the account's available balance.
  • NoChange: the account's balance did not change after the transaction
  • Credit: the account's balance has increased after the transaction
  • Debit: the account's balance has decreased after the transaction