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Barion releases

These are the public release notes of the Barion production environment.

Date Release notes Short description Version
2024.06.11 Detailed release notes We are publishing our revamped Barion Gateway. v32.000.000
2024.05.17 Two part fix for the parking invoice issue:



2024.05.16 Parking invoices were not sent automatically due to a backend error. We fixed the error. v30.022.000
2024.05.16 Minor fixes:
  • In certain edge cases, customers using the parking feature of the Barion app received a generic error message due to inactivity.
  • In case the wallet registration page was requested with an empty query parameter the page crashed
2024.05.13 From now on, when authenticating Barion API calls with your Barion shop POS key, you can also include the key in the HTTP header.

πŸ‘‰ Here's the write-up: Shop Authentication

(Note that GET API endpoints below v4 also accept the PosKey property as a query parameter, but when an endpoint hits v4, it will only accept the  PosKey in the HTTP header.)

2024.03.21 Detailed release notes We are publishing some new features in this release:
  • Authentication push notification enhancements
  • Addressing timeout expiry in authentication and authenticator management
2023.08.21 Detailed release notes We are publishing the following new features in this release:
  • ABO file format export
  • ACS time-out issue mitigation
  • Bug fixes and improvements
2023.05.23 Detailed release notes We are publishing some new features in this release:
  • API-based POS creation and querying,
  • Direct money transfer if transferring from your Wallet to a Barion vIBAN or GIRO number.
2023.04.04 N/A This release includes several updates and improvements to the Barion system. While there are fewer customer-facing features in this release, these changes are essential to the stability and efficiency of our service.

Here are some of the key updates and improvements:

  • Expanded our payment processing capabilities
  • Streamlined onboarding processes with automated background checks
  • Improved our current integrations to make bank transfer wallet top-ups faster
2022.11.21 Detailed release notes We are publishing some new features in this release:
  • Virtual IBAN feature for bank transfer top-ups,
  • Barion Wallet API key as a new method of API authentication.
2022.08.29 Detailed release notes We are publishing some new features and user interface improvements in this release. The following features and updates are rolled out:
  • Profile menu
  • Wallet menu changes
  • New shop creating and editing flow